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Show Ended: We Will Rock You

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Dominion Theatre
Tottenham court road, London, W1P OAG

Show has ended  
Show Genre: Musical
Running Time: 2 hours 40 Minutes
Age Recommendation: All
Director: Christopher Renshaw
Author: Ben Elton
Additional Notes: Strobe lighting is used during the performance. **Seats labeled CIRC RV are restricted view by a handrail. Customers must be 5'4 in order to see over the handrail clearly. Customers under 5'4 will have the handrail in their view.

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'There was wild applause at the climax of the show...and it only got louder'The Telegraph.

With standing ovations every night, the phenomenal We Will Rock You continues to go from strength to strength at the Dominion Theatre.

We Will Rock You is set in the future, on a place once called Earth. Globalisation is complete. Everyone watches the same movies, wears the same clothes, and thinks the same thoughts. A safe, happy Ga Ga world.

The Company Computers generate the music and the kids download it. All musical instruments are banned. But resistance is growing.

A hero is needed.

Is the one who calls himself Galileo that man, and can he help them Break Free...?

Legendary band Queen, fronted by the dynamic Freddie Mercury before his death in 1991, have been making music together since the 70's and have now joined forces with writer Ben Elton to bring their unique sound to theatreland...

This mega-musical, seen by over 5 million people, includes 32 of Queen's classic hits, including Killer Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody, Radio Ga Ga, and more. One dream... one vision... one smash hit - book today!

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Name: Scott     Age: 45   
So funny and entertaining I loved every minute. It's a great night out


Name: Jane     Age: 33   
We will Rock You is an outstanding musical. Although the storyline isn't the best, this musical is really enjoyable to watch. The acting and dancing are fantastic which creates a fun, electric atmosphere amongst the crowd. We will Rock You is a must see London musical which has great energy and vibe.


Name: Jenny     Age: 29   
The best London show that I have ever seen. So worth a visit. I loved the songs but also loved the humour and the effects. One of the best nights out I have had for ages.


Name: John     Age: 40   
Fantastic! If you love Queen & sarcastic humour then you must watch this show! The band was amazing too.


Name: Paul G     Age: 31   
Excusing the rather silly and threadbare story this show is still great fun. All Queen fans will love it as its like a tribute concert in fancy dress. Many of the classic songs are played and the standard is very high. I believe Brian May himself is in the orchestra some nights.

The sets are great, generally all aspects of the production is done really well. The audience really gets into the show with many singing along to the songs. For the majority of the show you will not be seated! Great fun!